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Having a website isn’t enough. What you need is a website that gets traffic . That’s where seo comes in. And doing seo right means getting links to your website. No links to your website means no search engine presence means traffic is hard to come by — or no traffic at all. There really is no way around it. You gotta have links. But not just any links.

What a website absolutely doesn’t want to do is use spam methods to get links. Spam methods for getting links involves placing a link on a website that doesn’t agree to have your link there. In other words, any link that is not approved by the site owners. Some people, and even some (lots?) link building services, attempt to come up with justifications for placing unapproved links on websites.

These justifications may hold up in some cases, but they just as easily may not. Another method for getting links, and this is a method that many seo link services continue to use, is purchasing a link on a website – a website owner is paid for the privilege of placing a link on their site. This might sound like a completely reasonable exchange, but there’s one major problem with it: it’s against the terms of the search engines. Search engines consider paid links to be a manipulation of their rankings. Spam or violate the search engines’ terms.

Get caught doing either one and your website is liable to get blacklisted and booted from the search engines altogether. So much for your link building strategy. And so much for your website, too. Game over, you lose. There’s a better way to do seo link building. It’s the way that we do seo link building. Send out quality content to a network of article directory sites. Within the distributed content is a link to your website. The content is eventually published online, and each time this happens your website gets another valuable link. And all of it is 100% above board. No unapproved spam links. No buying links.

Honest links that the search engines know about and approve of. Your website gets more and more love from the search engines and stays as clean as a whistle the whole time. It’s the only way to fly. If you want to get links to your website — clean and honest links — then article content distribution is for you. Interested? Here’s the offer. – Articles containing a link to your website distributed to hundreds of article directories: 600 plus directories as of this writing, which means the possibility for hundreds and hundreds of links to your site for each article you distribute.

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